Washington State - Part I:
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A view of the Seattle skyline from a city park in Queen Anne.
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Out Dancing.  Max, me, Chris

Fancy footwear!  Jody sports the best women's shoes I've ever seen (those are pink kitties!) and I sport John Fluevog stacks.  I feel silly and happy when I wear them.
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My apartment building
from space.
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Archie McPhee's.  My advice: visit well and often.

Since the Gates Foundation is based in Seattle my unique job and multi-state Library adventures begin here.  Seattle is my home and my center.  It's where I live and relax.  

Even though the last three years have seen me literally traveling all over the country it is still my very favorite city.  Seattle is ripe with culture, amazing restaurants and a stunning array of unsurpassed, unique natural beauty.  True, you get about eight months of autumn, but that's nothing some full spectrum lights and a couple of strings of Christmas lights can't fix.  And the Summers!  No place is better.

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more fun things will go here soon!
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