Washington State - Part III
I Heart Seattle

  There is so much I love about this town!  I may end up somewhere else some time, but a part of me will always belong here.  Part of it is undoubtedly sentimental, but aside from that there is just so much this town has to offer it makes your head spin!  Below you can find some Seattle pictures and a list of some of my favorite things in the area.  If they have web sites I've tried to include a hyperlink.  Have fun!
That's a real VW Bug!
Jody visits the Freemont Bridge Troll.

Pike Place Alley with posters.
Another photo op.  This time found in an alley at Pike Place Market.


Some of my favorite things/places in Seattle are: MOUNTAINS!, The International District, Ballard Sunday Market, The Space Needle, Bumbershoot, great movie houses are everywhere, Chrittenden Locks, Freemont, Pike Place Market, Salmon, Puget Sound, Red Mill, John Fluevog, EMP, upper and lower Queen Anne and much, much more!


Below you see Sunday brunch at The Dish in Ballard with Jody, Max and Chris.

The Space Needle, y'all!

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