Washington State - Part IV

Chris and Mike Do The Puyallup
I love you, you cow!      The Puyallup Fair is an annual Washing tradition.  It's chock full fancy produce displays, vendors, rides, animals, food and animals served as food.  Chris and I spent a day at the 2001 fair.  It was fun.    Did you know scones are a huge northwest tradition?  We ate some scones.  They were good.  So was the kettle corn.  I also liked seeing the bunnies.  That's where mohair sweaters come from.
     After the fair Chris and I were inspired to eat home grown things so we went to a farmers market.  That was also fun, but not as much fun as petting bunnies.

left) Funny Udders but look at the lady to the right.  This one is asking for a caption contest, eh?  right top) Poo is funny.  bottom right)  This rooster was friendly.  Didn't try to peck me once.

A Foster Farms chicken?

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