Many of you know I

Many of you know I am a pretty big fan of the American Library Association. I was even the President of the student chapter of ALA in graduate school. In fact I was the student-to-staff rep IU selected to represent the school at the annual ALA conference in New Orleans way back in 1999 when I graduated. Top that off with the different chapters, divisions, round tables, publications, trainings and other services they offer it is needless to say that I am quite fond of the ALA. But change can be difficult and large organizations often suffer most during major changes, (and don?t give me the ‘Who Stole My Cheese?’ line either!).

The latest hubbub has to do with their site redesign that was launched last week.

If you visited and knew the old one you may wonder what’s wrong. At least I did. If you want to hear a more detailed criticism or two read this article by Marylaine Block

The 04/07 entry from Jessamyn West at says:
“New ALA website debuts at the beginning of National Library Week. Customer service open extra hours to help people use it. Say goodbye to easy-to-understand URLs. Say hello to over 50 front page images, non-Mac fonts, and browser conflicts.” Yeah, but Jessamyn said that about my old web site (soon to be re-done btw). You Mac users, you!

Now you be the judge:
To see the new ALA site itself go to

The old, archived from Internet Archive site is found here.

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