First a music post: I

First a music post:
I just saw a Subaru ad featuring Lance Armstrong. More importantly in my world is that the ad features a song by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. It may not be that exciting to any of you folks, but JSBX used to be the absolute shiznit back in the day. I?ve seen them live eight times and met John twice. Check out this picture as proof. They did a very abstract Miller Light/bowling ad a few years ago too. I now hope Jon, his wife Christina (from Boss Hogg), and their son Gomez are now set for life and are rolling in cash flow. Jon used to be in a rather seminal punkish band called Pussy Galore years and years ago. He also studied semiotics in college. Many will think that is corny, but I think it?s one of the coolest things to study. Sorry for the fan geek rant.

One last thing, buy their album ?Orange? and you will rock out mightily.

Now a library post:
I wonder if Mary Carmen Chimato from The Indie Rock Librarian would approve of the above post?

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