Library/Internet post: *It’s a big

Library/Internet post: *It’s a big one!*

“SM” is a library man.
Does anyone else have a friend with a “famous” name? One of my most excellent friends and fellow Librarian is both blessed and burdened to be named Steve Miller. Some people call him a space cowboy, others, the gangster of love. I just call him Steve. Sometimes Steve-o. In fact, we were friends for quite a while before I even made the famous name connection. Now that I think of it, that may be part of the reason why we are friends. I think he’s heard every Steve Miller joke a body can think of. This naturally includes the stupid wise crack I made above.

The Steve Miller I know and love does not write catchy hooks we all sing in the shower (c’mon! Nobody can resist “Abracadabra“). But don’t worry, its way cool because the real Steve Miller is one of the best Librarians in the world. No joke. He is the man in the Library. He’s plenty smart, has worked hard and has an amazing Librarian job. He is a “floater” Librarian in a very large, well supported and most excellent Public Library. This means that he knows and uses all the different departments of the library. Each department is large enough to be an entire library. For example, the last I heard their children’s department had over 3000,000 items. That’s 300k! I very seriously doubt there are many Public Librarians in the world that are well versed using such specialized and massive collections. I’d bet money that there are very few Librarians that can do better reference work. That’s big talk, but Steve-o can back it up with results.

Yesterday this super librarian, this library man sent me a spam. Steve, being a well trained Internet user and Librarian with crazy mad skills, knows his way around the old email and had never before spammed me. He did it today though Steve is a pretty mellow fellow, but I think he has had enough:
“Several of you have already forwarded me an email list regarding efforts to save PBS and NPR funding. Please do not send me any more of these lists! While it sounds like an admirable undertaking I think it may all be a hoax. I have tried more than once to forward one of the lists on to the given address and it Never goes through. I read the NY Times regularly, as well as a number of internet news sites and I have never seen anything about an immediate threat to PBS funding. But stay vigilant and if a “real” list turns up I would be happy to sign it.”

Steve’s Internet Rule of the Day
Unless it is from a place you remember registering with do not believe, contact or communicate with the people that sent you an unsolicited email. Equally important; please do not forward the horror story, chain letter, Bill Gates is dead, new vitamin discovery, buy a piece of the space shuttle, PBS and NPR are dying, random emails you have received. I know that since you are reading a blog you likely already know this. Hopefully though there are or eventually will be some Librarians that read the blog that may not know yet. Click here to go to a simple and well phrased set of spam rules you can follow.

The only exception to this no dubious forwarding rule applies to grammas. My grandma in particular can send me whatever email she wants to simply because she is my grandma.

So does anybody know if NPR and PBS really are in trouble? Hmmm, maybe I should ask Steve. Oh no, wait… Either way, Steve Miller, Libraryman and Michael Porter all support public broadcasting. Well, I’m not sure about Libraryman but he is a hero and always knows what organizations would benefit most from his assistance.

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