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Today you get two pictures.

Today you get two pictures. If this is the blog where PEZ and Libraries collide I suppose there should be at least one Library related PEZ pic up, eh? KB took it for me while he was visiting a library in Rhode Island. It’s tiny, but it is a PEZ collection in a Library. Pshaw! Now HERE is a PEZ collection!

You also get something you should have seen at Easter. Or on Libraryman Day. Anyway, look at the pretty picture.


The New York Times 2003

The New York Times 2003 Librarian Awards

”We are proud to support and honor public librarians across the nation, who do so much to nurture a better-informed society.
The awards honor those librarian who consistently demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge and public service in the execution of their duties.
Winners will be announced in The Times in December and will each receive $2,500.”
-via Tracey @ Studio Zoe


Being on vacation is a

Being on vacation is a good reason to not post for ten days, right? It has been a while, but you will see here how worth the wait it has all been! You’ll be much relieved to know that I did do more of what might questionably be called library “research” during these missing days. Now just because this research entailed simply walking around various large and small cities and town across Italy doesn’t take away the research value, does it? Nah! So with no further ado I present to you the fruits of my difficult and laborious search for more Library information from Italy:

First, we happily find another “Biblioteca Communale”. No, it’s not just another pic from Assisi. This Library is in the beautiful Umbrian hill town of Spello. Don’t Public Libraries just make you happy too?

On to the Duomo in Sienna where there was a small library called the “Libreria Piccolominea“. This is a very small and highly ornamented library whose collection consisted entirely of illuminated manuscripts. Not your average collection to say the least. I tried to check some out but they weren’t having any of that business. Actually, my Italian is a bit weak and when I tried to ask them about checking things out, you know, to read in the hotel and stuff, I think I asked them where to find the Tang factory with a Pope Mobile. Not speaking the language just makes things harder that way.

The last Library uncovered by my “research” was the Central National Library in Firenze, (Florence to the rest of us). It was under construction and this is the best picture you could get of the place.

I’ll likely post a few more things about the trip over the next week or two, but before I wrap up this big Euro Library post, I have to tell you about a CD that I added to my personal music library. Many of you know I am a huge fan of Prince (yes, he has gone back to using his name again). Anyway, I have so many P CDs it’s crazy. It therefore goes without saying that whenever I see a new P CD I buy it. Well, the airport in Milan had such a CD. Actually, and I knew it when I bought it, it is a CD containing “The Music of Prince- Performed by Rizzo”. As I was writing this post I popped it in and, uh, wow. It is classic. Dig if you will a picture of you and I engaged in listening to someone that doesn’t speak English, know the correct lyrics and plays a cheap keyboard and drum machine. I mean, man, it is baaaad. So bad in fact, that it goooood! The best is “Get (sic) Off”. If you ask me to, I’ll play it for you next time you visit. C’mon, you know you want to hear it and I promise you won?t be sorry.


Here is a picture snapped

Here is a picture snapped at the doors of the PL in Assisi. May post one later from Mentelpuciano (and who know where else) but this is enough computer stuff for a bit!


I may be in Tuscany,

I may be in Tuscany, but who can escape the power of The Library? See, I was in the shower the morning after I visited the library in Assisi and I began to wonder how they could manage without a good Internet connection. It sure it seems they could use some new technology. Anyway, whilst scrubbing away I started to think about the size of their print collection and then began to wonder if they had ILL (Inter-Library Loan). Of course, I was then thinking that what they really needed were enormous digitzed reference collections.
Where is this story going? Don’t ask me, I’m vacationing in Sienna right now! Oh wait, I know! This article in the SF Chronicle reminded me of those recent Library thoughts. As Homer Simpson would say: Mmmmmm…Robots digitizing collections…….
This post is little crazy, isn’t it? I think what I need is a vacation.


Assisi, Italy, Public Library facts:

Assisi, Italy, Public Library facts:
1. While the stacks are open, you can’t enter the Library unless you are buzzed in by the Librarian.
2. The Librarian doesn’t speak English (and this Librarian doesn’t speak Italian).
3. The ceilings of the multi-room facility are covered in highly decorative trim and fresco paintings.
4. You can expect a standard small/medium sized Library collection including children’s books.
5. You can’t take pictures in the Library even if it is empty of patrons. I imagine this rule might slide if you spoke some decent Italian.
6. Finally, there isn’t one computer in the whole place.



Did you know it is

Did you know it is National Unappreciated Librarian Month? -via LISNews

A great story from Edmonton must have been written for the occasion, no?

I’ll be somewhat pressed for time over the next couple of weeks otherwise I would look into this more myself. Is there really not a web page for this national month long holiday?! This must be corrected!


This is just the first

This is just the first of many plugs for the new Librarian web site This site has been formed with a combination of high quality organizations, very hard work and major cash flow from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (where I used to work:).
At this point, my favorite part of the site us the Community Center, where Librarians can communicate with each other about whatever they need to (professionally anyway:). It will hopefully turn into a very popular and active professional resource for us. From MP and Library Man it gets a gold star and we highly recommend you visit often.
WebJunction just went live so expect a work in progress. Still, it is a work that has been in development for many months and involves a suprising number of hours of planning and consultation. It is edifying to see ideas move into reality like this, especially in our little Library World!


Perhaps the fine visitors to

Perhaps the fine visitors to can chime in on this. For the last several years, every time I wrote the word ”librarian” I always used a capital ”L”. Same for Public Library. Of course it was not grammatically correct to do this, but I thought it indicated the esteem I hold for the professionals and the institutions. Call it silly creative writing or good point, since I have been jotting a great deal lately I have been thinking that perhaps I should not use those officially incorrect capitalizations. Any thoughts?


A huge thank you goes

A huge thank you goes out to the most excellent KB. I’ve got some moving and shaking coming up quickly and he jumped up and snagged me from a little pickle of a fix. That sounded weird, but suffice it to say he pitched in with some FTP and web dev stuff I couldn’t get to right now. Thanks a fifty gazzillion, KB. Everyone else we know in Seatlle appreciates, enjoys and uses his expertise. Just ask them, they are my blog buddies (mostly). You know, I’d still be friends with him if he didn’t do the blog things, I just wouldn’t tell him about my favorite Helium record or buy him a “thanks for the code and post” dinner. Thanks, home-silce.

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