I may be in Tuscany,

I may be in Tuscany, but who can escape the power of The Library? See, I was in the shower the morning after I visited the library in Assisi and I began to wonder how they could manage without a good Internet connection. It sure it seems they could use some new technology. Anyway, whilst scrubbing away I started to think about the size of their print collection and then began to wonder if they had ILL (Inter-Library Loan). Of course, I was then thinking that what they really needed were enormous digitzed reference collections.
Where is this story going? Don’t ask me, I’m vacationing in Sienna right now! Oh wait, I know! This article in the SF Chronicle reminded me of those recent Library thoughts. As Homer Simpson would say: Mmmmmm…Robots digitizing collections…….
This post is little crazy, isn’t it? I think what I need is a vacation.

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