Being on vacation is a

Being on vacation is a good reason to not post for ten days, right? It has been a while, but you will see here how worth the wait it has all been! You’ll be much relieved to know that I did do more of what might questionably be called library “research” during these missing days. Now just because this research entailed simply walking around various large and small cities and town across Italy doesn’t take away the research value, does it? Nah! So with no further ado I present to you the fruits of my difficult and laborious search for more Library information from Italy:

First, we happily find another “Biblioteca Communale”. No, it’s not just another pic from Assisi. This Library is in the beautiful Umbrian hill town of Spello. Don’t Public Libraries just make you happy too?

On to the Duomo in Sienna where there was a small library called the “Libreria Piccolominea“. This is a very small and highly ornamented library whose collection consisted entirely of illuminated manuscripts. Not your average collection to say the least. I tried to check some out but they weren’t having any of that business. Actually, my Italian is a bit weak and when I tried to ask them about checking things out, you know, to read in the hotel and stuff, I think I asked them where to find the Tang factory with a Pope Mobile. Not speaking the language just makes things harder that way.

The last Library uncovered by my “research” was the Central National Library in Firenze, (Florence to the rest of us). It was under construction and this is the best picture you could get of the place.

I’ll likely post a few more things about the trip over the next week or two, but before I wrap up this big Euro Library post, I have to tell you about a CD that I added to my personal music library. Many of you know I am a huge fan of Prince (yes, he has gone back to using his name again). Anyway, I have so many P CDs it’s crazy. It therefore goes without saying that whenever I see a new P CD I buy it. Well, the airport in Milan had such a CD. Actually, and I knew it when I bought it, it is a CD containing “The Music of Prince- Performed by Rizzo”. As I was writing this post I popped it in and, uh, wow. It is classic. Dig if you will a picture of you and I engaged in listening to someone that doesn’t speak English, know the correct lyrics and plays a cheap keyboard and drum machine. I mean, man, it is baaaad. So bad in fact, that it goooood! The best is “Get (sic) Off”. If you ask me to, I’ll play it for you next time you visit. C’mon, you know you want to hear it and I promise you won?t be sorry.

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