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Movable Type Move

When Edlef from Lueneburg (see the comment from the last post) tells you something needs to be fixed on your blog, you tend to get right down to it. When you have a tech/web junkie friend like KB you tend to get him to help you out. Kris generously continues to assist me in the publication of and for that I am continually grateful. I think I’m going to send him an e-card. It’ll have a puppy animation and a MIDI version of “Wind beneath My Wings” and it will make him truly and deeply happy.
Anyway, if the formatting seems off, fear not. It shall return more mighty and powerful than ever before!


netbib weblog comes out of

netbib weblog comes out of Germany. There, on ?27 Juni 2003? we find the following:
”Ein Artikel des Libraryman Michael Porter ?ber seine Zeit als ”public access computing trainer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation U.S. Public Library Program”. Er arbeitete in dieser Zeit in 294 amerikanischen Bibliotheken und hat sich ein paar Gedanken gemacht…”Librarians need community. Like-minded, interested librarians regularly need to get together to share ideas and inspirations, and also to discuss issues and professional trends.” ”

Wonder where you can see who is linking to your blog? This is where I found the German blog citation and also the link from Spain that you may have seen from a few days ago:Technocrati: Web Services for bloggers. There are other ways to find this out with search tools, but this is very bloggy so it’s here.

Also, you might notice that the perma-links on the right were adjusted this afternoon. Check ‘em out if you are into the whole ”Library Thing”.


A few months ago I

A few months ago I started writing an article for my Library School Alumni Magazine about the waning days of my life on the road with the Gates Foundation US Library Program. Writing the article was a good tool for review and also helped to organize my thoughts nicely. That article was just published today and I would love to share it with you all. Here is the link.

Also, in case anyone wonders, I am just now starting to look for another job. After four years on the road I have spent the last two months relaxing and enjoying Seattle. Now I?m feeling quite rested and I am excited to get back to my Library, wherever that Library may be.

When I begin work at my next Library or Library related organization, you can see some of what I hope to work on by reading the article.


My very first Spanish language

My very first Spanish language blog shout out. Thanks, Deaklalli Docu Mental. The quick plug says is “muy curioso”. He also mentions Male Librarian Centerfold. Yeah, that’s a fun Library blog. But it’s just not in Spanish. !Que trajadia!


Oh Supreme Court, does it

Oh Supreme Court, does it have to be like this? Can’t we go back to the way it used to be?

ALA says: ”Eww, that’s an icky decision!”

These folks don’t like it either: Supreme Court Supports Library Internet Blocking Law

This guy was also very upset when he heard the news. He was just inconsolable, poor guy!


Librarian tired of fixing computers?

Librarian tired of fixing computers? Library tech sick of repairing seemingly obvious problems? Gates trainer or tech support person? You are not alone! In fact, you are in good company. These are the best ”broken” computer pictures I’ve ever seen! See ‘em all here.


An interesting read from Tuesday?s

An interesting read from Tuesday?s CS Monitor titled ”Librarians’ last stand: They fight back to preserve stacks”. The consistent support for our Public Libraries by the public at large is one of the biggest things that gives me continued faith in this county and in humanity.

I imagine this may have been said with a very ticked off New Jersey accent:
”If they gave us some of the money we needed over the years, we’d have been able to accomplish what we needed to do over the years,”
- Passaic Public library director Kathleen Mollica
Well you go girl!

Here is the newspapers version of the full story. -Link


A fun link for any

A fun link for any YA Librarians or old school/beatbox fans reading. It’ll keep those little hipsters in the Library busy for a few minutes (just make sure they have headphones). Plus, they will think you are “chilly fresh” for finding the site for them in the first place. Thanks for the link that linked to this site, Erin!


Via KB and typorganism we

Via KB and typorganism we proudly bring you Library Man and his ASCII alter-ego. You too can go there and make an ASCII picture of your kitty. Or your Libary mascot. Or Lisa Simpson. The possibilities are just endless. Can you smell the potential?


So everybody knows about the

So everybody knows about the ALA Conference in Toronto this week, right? Well, did you know about the Texas Library Association Conference coming up in San Antonio April 8-12 of…2013! And who knew you could have spent June 2nd-6th in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Conference of the International Association of Technological University Libraries? Well now you never have to miss one of these gems again!

Check out The Librarians Datebook to learn how you can spend every day of your professional life at some sort of Library conference. So does anybody think if I came as Library Man that people would pay me to attend their conferences? No, really, I’m serious here!

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