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SLIS Blog Story
Blogging: Digital Davids In An Internet Goliathy Diane J. Squire
SLIS Network, Alumni Magazine
Spring 2003

If you have a blog, or more specifically a Library related blog, you will likely enjoy parts of this article a great deal. More importantly, if you run a Library related blog and some of your friends and family don?t get it, you can point them here. The article is written in an easy to understand manner and should clarify for your kin folks what your conversations might not have transmitted. Yeah, that’s right, I said “kin folk”.

Especially noteworthy is the ??Librarians and Blogging?? section of the article. Much of this section is taken from an interview with Jenny Levine, of (a site you might enjoy visiting if you haven?t already/lately). This section starts off with this quote:
?Since librarians are the information navigators of all things print and Web, it’s no wonder that they are embracing blogs as a way to communicate with their peers in a timely way.?. Show that quote to your uncle and he might fianlly understand why you work on your blog “business” so much.

Nice work, Jenny and Diane.

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