Only A Little Funny

This story reads like an academic soap opera gone horribly awry. Was it censorship? Was it a protectionary action? Who knows. At least parts of it are funny.
Two points worth noting:
1. One of the main characters is really and truly named Dr. Fudge.
2. Just imagine the holocaust was made up and didn?t really occur. The point of ?the story? would not be ANY less valid than it is as non-fiction. Mans inhumanity to man and power drunk hate mongers with violent philosophies must not be allowed to hold power. Even as fiction the holocaust is one of the most moving cautionary tales imaginable. Don?t burn the journal, get the point.

Via L.A.C.K. and the NZ Herald.

Now I wonder if a post about the holocaust, a ?book burning? scandal, and Dr. Fudge will get me more than three comments. :)

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