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Positive Editorial

The Public Library in Milwaukee gets a positive editorial in the Journal Sentinel highlighting accomplishments with easy to understand statistics and moving community connections. Budgetary cuts and monetary concerns are mentioned in this light, which is the most accurate and effective way to present such a brief editorial. The author here did a good job researching then succinctly and briefly summarizing the community?s library situation. A nice example of what your library should work to get in its local paper on a fairly regular basis.


Patriotic Librarians

Liberty, Librarians, Patriot Act, CIPA.
Straight out of the Casper Star Tribune. Link


NASA at the Library

Check out NASA at the Library
“A traveling exhibit brings a taste of outer space to your community library”
Sounds like a blast, especially for the young ‘uns.


CIPA Update

From Don Wood at ALA via the PUBLIB email list:
“The FCC has released a Public Notice concerning the implementation of
CIPA following the Supreme Court’s decision last week (copied below.)
ALA will be posting further details and a FAQ on implementation within a
few days at A .pdf version of the document can
be found at”
Situations like this provide obvious reasons to support ALA, eh?


Make Way for Ducklings

Two time Caldecott Medal winner and still popular children?s author Robert McCloskey has passed. You all know him if you read books as a kid and his books still circ like mad in Public Libraries. ?Blueberries for Sal? is full of simply wonderful drawings, Homer Price will crack you up and ?Make Way for Ducklings? well, that is one of the best book titles I have ever seen. If anyone wants to make a tribute site, you can still buy Here is a link to his books on and here is a nice bio site.

??Deer Isle, Maine — Robert McCloskey, the writer and illustrator whose classic children’s books — among them “Make Way for Ducklings” and “Blueberries for Sal” — captivated generations of young readers and their parents, died Monday on Deer Isle, Maine. He was 88.??
Link to the full story.


Dialog Continues

More German/American dialog continues as Librarian representatives from each county continue their talks here.

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