Aloha, Marge

From Scott Randolph of The Black Hills Pioneer, a truly wonderful read that could easily serve as a Librarian?s dream obituary. It may just bring a tear to your eye. Thanks for letting us know about Marge, Mr. Randolph. And Marge, so long you beautiful Librarian. You done good, sister.

?Consider, if you will, a library as being the one place where all of the worthy thoughts of man on any subject are to be found and accessed. Whether you are looking for a time machine to travel backward in history or find forecasts for the next year or millennium, if you want to learn how to build a bird house, need a little boost in the form of humor or spiritual matter, or just want to mine the thoughts of intelligent men and women who have come before in all ages, the library is the place you need to go.
Never ceases to give me goose bumps just to think about the majesty and greatness of a library as a concept.
Marge understood all of this and more. She worked with all of her heart to make the local library a place where man, woman or child could go to grow in what ever direction they might choose.?

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