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Rotterdam Central Library

I was thinking about not posting any more Library visit pictures, but after talking to Uber-Librarian Steve last night I?ve decided a few more won?t hurt. After all, it is a Library blog, and at least it?s unique Library content, right?

So, the next far flung Library to show you is The Rotterdam Central Library in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Most folks have heard or maybe even lived some crazy Amsterdam stories, but aside from that craziness, the entire country seemed quite unique and fascinating. It seemed to me that much of Europe, The Netherlands and Belgium in particular, seemed a bit hyper-organized. Now just imagine their Libraries!

Rotterdam is big on Libraries and big on modern architecture. The large plaza containing the Central Library has several very unique Dutch (well designed/funky) looking buildings. The Library itself reminded me quite a bit of the Pompidou Center in Paris, with its inside-out facade. Check out the picture here.

Inside? Surprises galore!
An interactive sculpture. When you step on the blue ?puddles?, speakers in the book make splashing noises!
A giant size chess board, in full use, with lots of spectators.
They even have a theater. Of maybe theatre since we?re in Europe and all.

If you are interested in Rotterdam or The Netherlands, here is a well designed site with lots of useful information.


Library of Celsus, Ephesus, Turkey

Visiting The Library of Celsus.
There is nothing like travel to give you a new perspective on the time frame of human history. The Library of Celsus was founded in 110 A.D. Naturally, the Library as an institution has changed with time (for the better I believe), but the Library of Celsus is cornerstone of our professional history. A couple of fun facts about this library: The sculptures in front represent Sophia (wisdom) Arete (valor), Ennoia (thought), and Episteme (knowledge). Fitting, eh? Also, the Library was connected to a brothel. ?I?m going to the library, honey!? Those shady ancients! Tisk, tisk.


Falmouth Public Library

Way back in August, this was the first Public Library I visited on the trip. The Passmore Edwards Free Library in Falmouth, Cornwall, England is very reminiscent of a small/medium size Public Library in the US. Separate departments for Children?s Services, Internet access, reference and check-out desks, etc. And very, very busy. Too busy for the staff size in fact. It all felt very familiar. Here is their official web site. Falmouth, by the way, is a friendly, pretty and quaint seafaring village/town. Home of the best and original Cornish Pasties, sort of like individual lunch pies, usually filled with meat, onions and cabbage. Mmmmmm!


Rhodes & Bilbao Public Libraries

Two more picture links from Europe.
Snapped a few weeks ago in front of the Public Library on the island of Rhodes, Greece.
Unfortunately, both times I visited the Library here it was closed, though Rhodes itself was charming and unique. We spent our Rhodesian time in the large old quarter housed within the stone castle walls, where I found the Library.

Taken a couple of months ago in the entryway of the Public Library in Bilbao, Spain.
Bilbao was gorgeous in the right spots. Of course, The Guggenheim Museum there is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

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The Libraryman Blog Returns!

Without further ado, the Libraryman Blog quietly springs back to life. The blog didn?t stop because I was bored with the concept, not at all. In fact, I missed the scene quite a bit while I was ?out?.

So where have I been? Well, if I told you, you might not believe me. Many things weren?t Library related, but happily, Libraries are EVERYWHERE! I?ll be posting a few picture links as proof over the next few days.

Now that I am back in country I?ll spend the next week or so catching up on the old Library blogosphere. If I missed anything huge, please let me know!

Let?s start the picture tour at the Ionian University Department of Archive and Library Science on Corfu, Greece. Here is the link.