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Soulac & Invergordon

I?m nearing the end of the Euro/Med Library pics from my recent wacky teaching/lecture excursion. For today?s pictures, the ship was docked in Le Verdon, France, which is basically just a port. The ship?s shuttle went into the nearby town of Soulac, which is a teeny little beach/vacation town right on the Atlantic. While the Library was closed, you can clearly see it looks a lot like many of our small town Public Libraries here in the states, complete with peeling sign. We ate yummy crepes and heard rare, fascinating and scary stories about life on a cruise ship during our time in town. Let?s just say that lots of constant vigilance, hard work and luck keep cruises carefree for passengers. The close call stories are enthralling, even if you sometimes wonder just how true they are.
Soulac PL1
Soulac PL2

Also, here is the Public Library in Invergordon, Scotland. Anybody else been to the PL in Invergordon?


Meeting A Library Celebrity

One of the best things to come from my recent time in Indiana was meeting the famous Michael Stephens in person! Michael is a quite humble, but for those that don?t already know, he is a teacher, technology trainer, book author, conference presenter par excellence and author of the beloved Tame the Web Library blog.

We met up at his Library in lovely downtown South Bend, IN where I got to check out their surprisingly well designed and supported training program, meet several of the great staff members there and tour the facility. We even visited their flagship branch Library, complete with snack shop, fireplace and wifi enabled outdoor garden. Of course, it was more of an ice garden in January, but during most of the year it would be a lovely high tech oasis.

At any rate, we had a fine time. There was an enlightening conversion of ideas the likes of which you only can have on those happy occasions when you bump into like minded professionals you also happen to be friends with. Thank you so much Michael for the warm welcome, the outstanding visit and for teaching me that South Bend has suprisingly tasty Thai food.


Latin Flavor?

Moreno! In case you missed it in the comments, internal relations continue to warm as more folks around the globe learn of Library Man. It can be a slow link, but the comments on the page are fun to decipher. Keep watching for Library Man 200? World Tour information. :)

Also along the lines of International Relations, though having nothing really to do with Libraries, it is…Donkey Konga! I have a Game Cube, and I?ll have a Donkey Konga to go with it some day soon. Thanks for the link, Matt!



Friends and Librarians, I bring you all belated MP and Libraryman greetings galore. The last month has been pretty eventful for me, though you?d never know from the blog. I try to keep the Libraryman blog fairly light and not too personal, but I do feel the need to mention my dear Grandma and her passing at the end of December.

Keeping Grandma up to date was the biggest reason I initially started She?s also the main reason I posted so many travel pictures from my work at the Gates Foundation, though lots and lots of folks appear to enjoy those pictures now if the stats are any indication.

My Grandma was an excellent friend and continual inspiration. She lived a brave life and did so much to encourage me personally, academically and professionally that I can honestly say without her help most of my adult successes wouldn?t have been achieved.

I got to be with her at the end and then stayed close to my family for a couple of weeks afterwards. Many folks at the funeral mentioned Grandmas (and my dad and Aunt?s) fairly recent visit to Seattle, and that time has become an even more precious memory now.

Being back home in Seattle at this point is very good and I return from the time in Indiana with a renewed sense of purpose. Grandma was a huge supporter or Libraries, just like all of us here, so she?d be glad to see Libraryman carrying on. Along those lines, I?ll be making more posts in the near future. I?ve got a few final Euro Library pics to post and several Library ideas to muse about as well. In the meantime it?ll be good to catch up with the rest of the Library blogs and get ready for PLA.