Meeting A Library Celebrity

One of the best things to come from my recent time in Indiana was meeting the famous Michael Stephens in person! Michael is a quite humble, but for those that don?t already know, he is a teacher, technology trainer, book author, conference presenter par excellence and author of the beloved Tame the Web Library blog.

We met up at his Library in lovely downtown South Bend, IN where I got to check out their surprisingly well designed and supported training program, meet several of the great staff members there and tour the facility. We even visited their flagship branch Library, complete with snack shop, fireplace and wifi enabled outdoor garden. Of course, it was more of an ice garden in January, but during most of the year it would be a lovely high tech oasis.

At any rate, we had a fine time. There was an enlightening conversion of ideas the likes of which you only can have on those happy occasions when you bump into like minded professionals you also happen to be friends with. Thank you so much Michael for the warm welcome, the outstanding visit and for teaching me that South Bend has suprisingly tasty Thai food.

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