It Works! Well!

If you get a little fried working in your Library, checking out the Library of the Month over at WebJunction might help. It won?t give you a raise or improve the demeanor of your patrons, but it can be a bit uplifting and professionally inspiring. This time their selection is the San Carlos Public Library.

The San Carlos Public Library isn?t a very ?standard? Library. As this Library is on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona their location, service area and so many other things are slightly and sometimes drastically different than what most of us are familiar with and used to. I know this firsthand because I was fortunate enough to be one of the Gates trainers that worked in this Library. I got to work with Leah here and vividly remember how inspired she was with these folks and how happy it made you feel inside to see things start to fall into place during our visit. Getting this follow up in article form is such a wonderful thing. Goes to show that you can and likely do make a lasting difference with your work, even if you don?t always see the immediate results or even think about them all that much.

If you work in a small Library check this article quote out: ?Because of just two staffers?one of them part-time?and an enthusiastic board member, the San Carlos Reservation is getting the library it needs and deserves.?

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