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Seattle Public Library Closes

I went to the Seattle Public Library web site today because an invitation to attend the Grand Re-Opening Celebration for the West Seattle Branch of the SPL just arrived in the mail. The invite postcard says: ?For more information: Apparently the City Librarian and the Mayor will attend, plus the whole shindig is sponsored by Starbucks (among others). Sure I want more details!

Well, if you visit the site this week you are proudly greeted by a bold message declaring that the Library is closed from March 21-28 due to citywide budget cuts. I say good job SPL! Why try to mask cuts and just talk about how tight things are while quietly relying on volunteers to do all of your shelving? Kudos, SPL. They take your cash flow and you tell folks about it, loud and proud. Don?t hide it; put it on the table in front of folks! Too many libraries don?t make a big splash when they get a budgetary sack. Sure there are sticky politics, but this is beyond politics in my opinion.

The site also says: ?If you would like to leave a message for Library management or the Library Board, please call 206-386-4120.? I sure hope they get some supportive calls as well as the expected irate though pro-tax cut ranters.


Librarian’s Rocks

Donna brings her Library Blog back to life.


New Blog Buddy

Just got an email from my new CLENE/Training pal Gail. If you aren?t afraid to talk with people (and how many Librarians are?) you can meet some fantastic folks with lots of helpful information to share at a conference. Gail has done some amazing things with libraries over the years and I?m really looking forward to working with her sometime soon. You can check out her web site here and her new blog here.


I See You Too

Also just tracked the old bloggy blog on technocrati and found a link from ?This Blog ? Talking About Blogging?. Hmmm, who writes this? Wait, I think I know?


New Library of the Month

We?ve also got a new Library of the Month over at WebJunction, this time in WA state. Check it out!


Musica Grande

Finally, on a personal music Library note, I have been ripping my entire music CD collection to my computer this week in prep for an upcoming extend work related trip and just to catch up with the modern world. As a Librarian, I actually am enjoying the process, though it is a bit tedious at times. Opening and recording every CD I?ve amassed in the last 20 years has certainly been a trip down memory lane. If you are looking for some new/old music might you may not have heard before might I suggest:
Cornelius, Fantasma
Big Audio Dynamite, Megatop Pheonix
Boss Hog, Boss Hog
Cocteau Twins, Heaven or Las Vegas
DJ Q-Bert, Wave Twisters
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Michael Brook, Night Song
Laurie Anderson, Mister Heartbreak
Kate Bush, Hounds of Love
The Amps, Pacer
Wesley Willis. R.I. P. dear Weley. Any record of his is worthy, though one is likely enough for most folks. I think his best song is “I’m sorry That I Got Fat”. At least check that one out if you can. :)


More PLA 04 Pics

Michael Stephens has a bunch of great PLA Conference pics up.
Max Anderson has his PLA pics up too.
Let me know if you have PLA pics up too.


PLA Report

Here is my PLA Conference wrap-up post. I?ll try and keep it fairly short, sweet and interesting.

Location, location, location. Seattle is the perfect place for a conference. I wish there were more/bigger facilities at the conference center, but having things so well contained was nice (especially compared to ALA in Chicago).

Content is one of the biggest reasons we go to these things in the first place and for me, the content rocked. Training, supervising and community building were the focus of most of the sessions I went to. All were full of shining examples of success in Libraries. There are so many amazing and surprising Librarians out there! If only there were time to go to more. I heard, however, that some people were turned away from overly packed rooms. This is a major problem.

My fairly extensive travels while training in Public Libraries often didn?t provide examples of wild success. Seeing groundbreaking, highly successful and inspiring Librarians really doing powerful new things in their careers and communities is both motivating and heartwarming. If you are a Librarian and you don?t go to conferences, GO! Recharge your batteries in an excellent city. Get away from home for a week. Meet people working with the same issues you are. They call it professional development for a reason!

The biggest individual highlights for me were:
1. Web Junction! Things are really picking up for these fine folks (which include you and me). They (and OCLC) hosted several functions and meetings, all of which were well attended and very interesting.
2. Meeting with so many absolutely wonderful fellow trainers at the WALT/CLENE meeting. Not only did I get to talk with a couple of old friends here, but also had the chance to talk with a couple of very interesting trainers/administrators I?m really looking forward to working with in the near future.
3. Old friends. Many blog allies, former co-workers and Library world celebrities seemed to be around every corner. It?s so fun to catch up and it is just amazing to see where everyone ends up working and living five, ten, twenty years after you first met them.

Next time you see a Library Conference that looks interesting to you, GO!


PLA pics (Love those name tags)

With my old ACPL/Bastille Day buddy Scott.

Library Men!