Seattle Public Library Closes

I went to the Seattle Public Library web site today because an invitation to attend the Grand Re-Opening Celebration for the West Seattle Branch of the SPL just arrived in the mail. The invite postcard says: ?For more information: Apparently the City Librarian and the Mayor will attend, plus the whole shindig is sponsored by Starbucks (among others). Sure I want more details!

Well, if you visit the site this week you are proudly greeted by a bold message declaring that the Library is closed from March 21-28 due to citywide budget cuts. I say good job SPL! Why try to mask cuts and just talk about how tight things are while quietly relying on volunteers to do all of your shelving? Kudos, SPL. They take your cash flow and you tell folks about it, loud and proud. Don?t hide it; put it on the table in front of folks! Too many libraries don?t make a big splash when they get a budgetary sack. Sure there are sticky politics, but this is beyond politics in my opinion.

The site also says: ?If you would like to leave a message for Library management or the Library Board, please call 206-386-4120.? I sure hope they get some supportive calls as well as the expected irate though pro-tax cut ranters.

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