The Return of Libraryman!

Joy, joy, joy! The Libraryman blog returns!

With a net full of here today, gone tomorrow web sites and blogs I suppose it would have behooved me to post a little story *before* I disappeared explaining my impending, brief departure. Truth is, as long as I?m around, I?ll try to keep the blog up. The problem is I just wasn?t around. I was way gone, baby!

Several months ago you may have noticed a link to a site that lets you shade in the states in the US and the countries around the world you have visited. A nifty little tool. To demonstrate good reason for the recent disappearance I present to you, faithful reader, my new and improved, nearly accurate world travel map.

Those countires in Asia, Polynesia and the Pacific are where I’ve been. It was a lot a places were added in four months, but I swear thats where I was. And guess what? I?ve got Library pictures galore! From places like Fiji and Shanghai! Stay tuned for that and more, at least until I take off again. ;) Guess what else? I was actually working the whole time! Well most of the time anyway.

Oh, and if you enjoy the blog, why not consider offering me a challenging yet rewarding library related job. After all, a Libraian/Trainer has to earn his bread and butter back here in the states too. You could at least see where I?ve worked for the last four months if you get my resume. :)

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