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Shush! Seriously!

In Taiwan, Chang Kai-Shek is very publicly revered. His memorial in Taipei is Taiwan?s modern answer to the pyramids. It is massive, visually stunning and imposing. You know, just like our Public Libraries! Actually, no, but for what its worth there was a Chang Kai-Shek library in the memorial. There was also some great signage and signage enforcement. Maybe great isn?t the right word, but security certainly has an interesting way of letting you know you need to behave. I doubt the board would approve these means though haven?t we all wished for one of these guys near our signage on occasion? Maybe you can just print out this picture and hang it in the spot where you need quiet.



The front lawn of the Lahaina, Maui Public Library is a tempting place for a nap.

Mahalo for not using the book drop during business hours.


Greetings From Fiji!

That?s what I would have said a few months ago if I could have made this post then. Our dear Public Libraries are nearly everywhere! The Fijian President had recently died and his funeral was being held that evening in a soccer field down the street from the Library. The natives were wearing tradition mourning clothes, a black robe with a woven mat wrapped around the torso, for the funeral. Men were also wearing this same mourning outfit as well. The things you learn from travel!

The Public Library in Suva, Fiji
Hours and Friends


Quick Email

All this travel has helped prove to me that the Internet is just about everywhere. Couldn’t find the Library in Apia though.

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Auckland Public Library

Ahhh, Auckland. The first library uncovered during the latest globe trotting adventures of the folks here at Auckland has a great “feel” and appeared to be a very livable city. “Great teeth, a nice smell, a class act alllll the way.” The main library alone is worth the visit! btw, the guy leaning over the metal gate is not throwing up; he’s talking on his cell phone.
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Also, via a link from Mr. Power, is a quote all of you Librarians and Trainers may have asked yourself at one time or another.

Oh, and the Prince concert here last night a Key Arena was slammin’! KB, did you see him in Portland?