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The Libraryman Baseball Archive

In honor of the World Series, here is a link to some old pictures shot in Busch Stadium (which is being replaced soon) in Saint Louis during a Cardinals game a couple of years ago. A gorgeous day spent with lots of former BMGFers!


Song and Song Site of the Day

Check out the new edition of AMG at Search by genre, mood, country, instrument, wow! Librarians gotta love this. Cataloging anyone? Be prepared to register now though.

Song of the day:
“Computer Love” by Zapp.


More Exciting Technology

Haven?t seen too much about this service yet, but it sounds fascinating and practical. Its exciting to see the promise of technology continue to unfold!
? A user simply opens a Web browser on any device, logs-in and selects what they want to view or hear from their personal library. Orb?s technology takes care of the rest. Orb?s technology determines the best format, codec, bit rate, display capabilities, and network bandwidth available for a particular cell phone, PDA or laptop to view or hear the content. The media is streamed securely and directly from the user?s home PC to the user?s device to provide fast mobile media access. ???The divisions between broadband and wireless technology continue to blur as more advanced services that can be delivered using these mediums become available,? check it out at
Here?s an article about the service from Forbes
Also, you can *legally* download your movies to view over your Orb network from the folks at movielink.


100 Sites

PC Magazines top 100 web sites for Fall 2004 just came out. Fun!



“Do you get calls from friends when they want to buy a digital camera? Do you help friends set up their home networks? Do you feel like you run your own technical support line?” Spent some time looking at web sites found in Wired magazine and found the above gem. Maybe KB can get a free digital home sound system if he registers?

Got a little taste of being Mr. Helpful myself again this past week while visiting family and friends in the Midwest. It’s great to be able to help, though you really always hope everything you said and did was practical and helpful. Aunt D, if you are reading this, are you using your Firefox browser to look at web pages?

In other web site news, peep this furniture, this gun, this band and this library system.


Library Pop

You’ve gotta check this song/video out if you haven’t seen it yet. Thanks for the link, Rebecca!