Gone Culling

The web is becoming less of a wading experience and more of a culling exercise. Culling, not curling.

Definition number one for ?cull? from the wiktionary is: ?To pick something?. Exactly. Having spent way too much time wading through masses of pages and links on the net, definition number three?s visceral imagery sounds good too: ?To select animals from a group and kill them in order to reduce the numbers of the group in a controlled way.?

RSS is a brilliant idea, but it hasn?t always been practical. Now it is. I use Bloglines. This tool has significantly streamlined and improved my use of time on the web. Not that I?m spending less time on the net, its just that the way that time spent there is much more focused, informative and entertaining.

My initial experiences with RSS and aggregators (which is what Bloglines is) fell flat. They seemed indirect and impractical. Honestly, I gave up on the idea for a while. But now Bloglines is my browser?s new start page.

So if you are one of those folks that learns best from doing, even if you don’t really understand RSS or aggregators much, sign up with Bloglines and add a few of your favorite web sites and your friends blogs. You can even subscribe to my feed using the URL you lucky, lucky person. After you have added a few page “feeds” into Bloglines, check back in a day or two. Freakin? sweet, man! It?s free even. What’s to stop you from giving it a shot? Trust me, it makes sense when you set it up and see it working its magic on your web experience. If not, ask and I’ll even try and help.

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