Library Photo Clearinghouse

Wouldn?t it be cool if there were a place where we could go to post and view pictures from our lives as librarians? A place where all could see funny and/or interesting pictures of libraries, librarians and librariana? We could put faces to names and get some inspiration as well. Maybe we could post photos of our lives outside of the library as well, just to show everybody the interesting and exciting lives of today’s modern librarian?

I?ve had this idea for this in my head for years, but it is now actually up and running!
Yep, Librarians via Libraryman is live.

So far we have 15 members and 34 photos. Hopefully this is just a drop in the bucket of visual library goodness that we will accumulate. To view Librarians via Libraryman requires no membership, you just follow the link and there you are. To post pictures to the group (what we really want to happen!) requires sending me an email so I can send you an invitation. If you have some great library pictures or want to show people what a librarian is really like, please let me know and you will get hooked up right away. You can contact me at mp {at sign}

Go check out the pictures we have up now and join in a part of the social software revolution with Librarians via Libraryman !

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