Libraryman Shows C-SPAN Love

Unlike many library types, this blog will on occasion extol the virtues of television. Today sees praise for some especially wonderful bits of light and sound that recently came from Mr. Farnsworth?s magical box.

C-Span arguably doesn?t always have the most riveting programming, however the recent ?Library of Congress Series on Digital Future? episodes are hearty exceptions. Actually, Part 2 is the strongest exception. I fell asleep for a bit during Part 3, but that was in a hotel room after a long days work so I figure it?s excusable.

Unlike the Charlie Rose episode I so heartily plugged a few months back, you can stream this C-SPAN presentation for free by following this link. You can even stream the entire series if you like! I would warn you that if you are at work and find yourself prone to falling asleep while watching television, start with Episode 2 and be careful with the interesting though slightly monotone (at times) Episode 3.

Library of Congress Series on Digital Future – Part 2
12/13/2004: WASHINGTON, DC:
The second in the Library of Congress series “Digital Future” airs Monday evening. The featured speaker is Brewster Kahle, Digital Librarian, Director & Co-founder of the Internet Archive. He first developed the idea and tools to archive the Web. He explains how he did that and why it’s important to our everyday use of the Internet. The title of his talk is “Universal Access to Knowledge.” A panel discussion follows.”

The entire Library of Congress Series on Digital Future can be found here.

If you saw this or if you watch it via this link I would really, really love to hear your comments!

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