At the end of the last century I was the President of the ALA Student Chapter at Indiana University. We had bake sales, sold mugs, sold shirts, gave away ALA-SC pens, held lots of meetings, arranged library tours and guest speakers, had many social events including a most enjoyable pizza party night in the library where we watched Party Girl. Heck, we even organized a scholarship to attend the ALA annual conference. Sure, it was extra work, but the effort was well worth it. My organizing and planning skills developed a bit and we even got to use some of Roberts Good Ole? Rules of Order. That was less fun, but still interesting (to a point:).

I?ve always hoped the ALA-SC at IU would continue to prosper and have made it a point to check back in on them on occasion. Imagine my delight at discovering that they have been named ALA Student Chapter of the year! Woo hoo!

They now have a very nifty electronic bulletin board system with spots for committees to meet, for events to be arranged, for people to discuss general library/tech topics or even swap text books. Nice work ALA-SC IU! I love you, man!

If you want to show them love too, why not order a SLIS mug? If you like lizards, libraries or IU, it?s the mug you want to be seen drinking from. C?mon, you?re thirsty, aren?t you?

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