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netconnect is a quarterly supplement to Library Journal. The recently released Spring issue has addressed a series of very, very important issues relating to the future of libraries. Even if you aren?t an ILL person, you should definitely be up on this. Way up! Very timely these articles are! Resources sharing and ILL are bigger deals than a lot of people know. Can you tell I think resource sharing and ILL is a top issue relating to the future of libraries? ;)

Part of why resource sharing is a big deal:
Infinite Collections, Almost
Franca Rosen defines resource sharing and how it can change your?and, more important, your patrons’?world.

Practical Application:
The Virtual Consortium
Tim Bucknall describes how a group of Carolina libraries came together to expand dramatically their journal content.

And my favorite of the group (please read it):
Evolution Takes a Leap
The future of resource sharing, Bernie Sloan says, will be shaped by technology and funding of consortia.

I’m not saying these articles have all the answers, but they do address important issues. It’s an exciting time to think about the potential of resource sharing and these folks are right in there thinking and doing.

In addition, there are several other interesting articles in this issue too. A great gadget article by super smart Jenny Levine, and another Mac-y article by my recursive friend Michael Stevens. All in all, I think this is the best library related print magazine of the season.

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