New Libraries and Librarians Photo Group

Join the Libraries and Librarians flickr group!

Social software just gets me all excited and flickr is my absolute favorite. It?s social software and it uses tags (think amateur cataloging for photographs).

Over the last few months I?ve posted hundreds of pictures , made some pretty crazy photos just to post on flickr, joined many theme related photo pools and even started
a few of my own

One very popular group I started is for librarians, but it is private. You have to request membership or get an invite to join the ?Librarians via Libraryman? group. At last count it had 55 members and 520 photos in it?s pool.

Today, I (and a new librarian flickr pal from NJ named Amy) started a new Library, Librarian and Librariana group. This one is public though. It is called Libraries and Librarians. You don?t have to be invited to join and share your library, librarian or librariana related pictures here. If you haven?t given flickr and social software a spin lately this might be a great place to start. It promises to be the premiere library related photo pool on the Internet. Yeah, that?s right, on the whole Internet. Best part is, WE get to make it!

Join the library fun here: The flickr Libraries and Librarians Photo Pool

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