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Weblogs and RSS for Non-Profits

Scoop! If you are into blogs and RSS you’re really gonna dig this one! The amazing kables has a great presentation entitled “Weblogs and RSS for Non-Profits” available via this post. His PowerPoint notes are hi-larious and his content is grade AAA. He gets the Libraryman seal of approval for the day. As someone on tv once said: “Listen to me now and believe me later”.


Worst Patron Ever

I had a work related nightmare once and it went something like this. Of course, I wasn’t wearing a dress in the dream so this isn’t exactly right. Thanks for the link, CP!


It?s Not Easy Being Green

Envy kicked in with a vengeance last night when I read the post(s) from the It?s All Good ?Library Blogger Salon? at ALA in Chicago. Upon initial read you might guess that ?Library Saloon? might be a more apt description of the meeting, but that would be wildly missing the point. Having that amount of Libraryland brain power, thoughtfulness, professionalism and reputation in one room must surely violate some sort of building code. Oh the conversations I missed!!! Doesn?t this seem like an event that Libraryman should MC? It may be worth noting that he counts bartending among his super powers. Did I mention I?m green with envy?


World Record Read

Read, read, read, promote, blog, don’t sleep, gain some fame, earn Libraryman’s admiration. The Henderson District Public Libraries are currently doing an ultra cool library promotion that may get them in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Henderson District Public Libraries Guiness Record Attempt web site is here.

The HDPL Guiness attempt blog is here.

The flickr page documenting the experience is here.

Saw the first blurb about this at via Thanks!


Patriot Privacy News Flash

Hot off the press, CNN posts a happy little article titled “House limits Patriot Act rules on library records”.


Make Your Own Book

Here is a potentially useful book assembly photo-journal that shows one successful way to finally make that book you’ve written and printed (and likely stashed away in a shoe box under the bed). Who says you need a book deal? Chok full of ots of handy pictures to hold your hand along the way. Thanks to Toby, Live Journal and Boing Boing.


Promoting a Blog About Promotion

?Because libraries need love too?, my good library pals Donna and Claire have recently started the ?Promote Your Library? blog. These ladies have carefully thought through the theme of their blog and I believe they?ll be posting at a ?reasonable? pace for quite some time. If you like the theme, check it out!



I just wanted to take a second to thank all the new people who have been popping in to the Libraryman blog lately. We?ve had a couple of plugs recently and have also seen some attention from the Libraries and Librarians photo pool that Amy and I started on flickr. I try to post around once a week, sometime more sometimes less. If you are interested in libraries and what they are doing and where they might be going you have come to one of the right places. Periodically these are some interesting non library things that get posted here too.

Thanks also to the old faithful readers of the blog. Many of you have been kind enough to read the blog and websites I?ve had for the last several years and it totally makes it worthwhile, fun and exciting. Thanks again, and on with the library goodness!



A couple of my friends (they happen to be librarians as well) have complained over the years because I don?t post much personal information here that isn?t library related. To these fine folks I say: ?Look at my flickr pages!? To satisfy this huge market (a solid three or four readers anyway;), because I love music so very much, have posted about it before and because I am working on a ?Top 100 Albums Every Public Library In America Should Be Circulating? list, I?m going to use a little space to respond to the ?Tag, Your It? music posts I got last week. Thanks to Max and Aaron for ?tagging? me. Here goes:

Total Volume of music files on my computer:
77.2 GB. That ain?t no typo, sister.

The Last CD I Bought Was:
Morrissey- Live at Earls Court

Song playing right now:
?I Was Born (A Unicorn)? by The Unicorns

Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:
I couldn?t resist doing both separately. It was hard though, as they really ought to be at least 100 times longer. A difficult task this was!

Mean a lot:
1. ?Discolite? by Teenage Fanclub
2. ?Leave? by R.E.M.
3. ?Wishing Well? by Terrance Trent D?Arby
4. ?Nothing Better? by The Postal Service
5. ?Signal To Noise? by Peter Gabriel

Listen to a lot:
1. ?Twenty Cell Revolt? by Menomena
2. ?He Knows I?d Love to See Him? by Morrissey
3. ?Love Spreads? by the Stone Roses
4. ?Beverley Hills? by Weezer
5. Prince ? most anything, most anytime

First concert I ever attended:
Bryan Adams. Hey, this was 1984 when he was fresh and cool. Besides, Autograph opened up for him and doesn?t that really just make it seem right?

In keeping with the nature of this exersize I need to tag three other folks. If I passed it along, it would go to:
Donna F.
Michael S.
Chris P.