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It’s A TRIP!

I got all excited about FOLED last year. I got all excited about it again this afternoon too. Please go to this web site and play the video you’ll see linked at the top.

Make it full color, five times bigger and foldable. Now give it high speed web access (that’s the easy part). Now you can stick it in your pocket and carry it everywhere you go. You could unfold it whenever and wherever you wanted to. Now think about your library.

How’s that funky old song go? “I said oops upside your head, I said oops upside your head!” It IS a TRIP!

If you’re keen on this, take a peek at their FOLED product concepts page.


Libraryman Hearts Library Marketing

Here are some very spiffy (and free) premade library marketing tools. Why not print out a few of the posters and stick them in high traffic areas of the library? What about mailing one or two to the mayor/city manager or city council members? Hmmm…

And these guys have a library marketing smorgasboard. You can even join up and be one of “these guys” (or gals or whatever;).

And now, here is my lighthearted (pun intended) and casual attempt at marketing this happy little blog:
Libraryman Hearts...

Made the hearts with this, then tweaked them in Photoshop.


Libraryman Is Game

With all the buzz surrounding gaming in libraries I thought you might enjoy the Libraryman blog?s two cents. Firstly, here I am using an eye toy plug-in device on my Playstation 2. Rock!

Got Game - PS2 Eye Toy II

Also if you follow this link and watch the video for ?Chicken Payback? you can see a catchy demonstration of the very popular DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) game/device in action. Plus you get to hear a song called ?Chicken Payback?. With a name like that you already know it?s gonna? be good. The DDR game/interface has been used in most of the library gaming events I?ve seen pictures of and people seem to get a real kick (pun intended) out of it.