Travel and Pictures

Where oh where has this little blog gone? Orange County, Visalia, the Bay Area, Hollywood and San Diego just to name a few places. We have been very busy at work completing, among other things, training sessions all around the state for the California Libraries Catalog. Also, there are some very interesting and unique training sessions/workshops/programs in development that I have been very happily working on.

Soon it will be time to celebrate Jody?s birthday and see home and old friends again too! Any Seattleites I haven?t talked to yet about this need to email me!

Finally, the Libraries and Librarians Flickr group is really starting to come of age. As of today we have over 260 members and over 1100 images in the pool. We?ve recently undertaken a fairly impressive tagging project that promises to make the photos an even more valuable and easily searchable resource. Eventually we hope to be able to point librarians here to easily get volumes of visual ideas about programming, signage, networking, construction and even fashion. ;) Every last one of the images relates to libraries, librarianship, librarians, librariana, libraryness and, well, you get the idea. If you aren?t a part of the Libraries and Librarians Flickr group please consider contributing. It is far and away the best collection of library related photos readily available for free on the internet. We have even had the lovely and talented Library/Information Specialist Lluisa from Barcelona join us as an admin. Lluisa is spearheading the group’s Geotagging project. I’m tellin’ you man, it’s the place to be. Here?s a nice screenshot of the groups’ main page:

Libraries and Librarians Group - August 2005

In response to the question in the comments, I use a program called SnagIt to capture screen shots and images from my computer. I think SnagIt is great, though I have stuck with it and haven’t done any other research on the subject since my original burst a couple of years ago.

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