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Seeking Your Library Technology Quotes!

As part of the Emerging Library Technology workshop I am busy working on, I am humbly asking you for your library technology thoughts and quotes. You fine folks are the ones that know and use these tools and your ideas and thought could really be encouraging and/useful to many folks attending these workshops (and there will be many of these workshops in lots of states!).

Please (pretty please?) share your “Quotable Quotes” about any of the following:

Library Blogs
Library use of Wikis
Virtual Reference
Gaming in Libraries
Wireless in Libraries
RFID in Libraries
Library use of VOIP
Web 2.0
Open WorldCat

Also if you have anything quotable to say about general Technology Trends in libraries I would really LOVE to hear, and possibly use them.

If you send me any and I use them in class I will definitely cite you and your blog/library in the workshop. Anonymous quotes work just fine too if you prefer! Both positive and negative thoughts are encouraged as well. Lots and lots of people are going to see this workshop, so why not be a part and get your name dropped in the process? :) Comment to this post directly or you send quotes to me directly via email: mp (at sign)

Thanks so much everybody! I?m really looking forward to what you all have to say!


Internet Librarian 2005

IL05 Opening Session Bloggers

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I got to wear a BLOGGER ribbon on my name tag at Internet Librarian 2005 and all you got was one lousy post. True, but I’m gonna earn that shiny green ribbon now, floks. See, in addition to general impressions, this post is pointing you towards PICTURES!

View the famous, the nerdy, the new! Read the inside jokes! Question the validity of the tags! Tremble as you ponder the future of the Internet in libraries in the hands of THESE people!

There may be another post about the conference here shortly, but let me just recap by saying this: Best…Conference…Ever. It was just wonderful to meet so many people in person that I had know for years on-line, revisit with many old friends and coworkers and make surprising and even heartwarming new connects and friends. Thanks so much to everyone for their hard work and careful preparation. The content, the company and the conversations were top notch. Inspiring, motivating, reassuring, validating, exciting, promising and intriguing: all words that pop into my head readily as I think back on the past few days. Enjoy the photos everyone! I’ll look for you at next year’s Internet Librarian Conference!


GeoMapped Libs

GeoMapped Libs

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Wouldn’t it be cool to see a global map dotted with markers indicating where you could click to see pictures of the library in that exact geographic location? How in the heck would you make something like that work anyway?

Well prepare to “Ohhh”? and “Ahhh”?! The Libraries and Librarians Flickr Group is at it again with another super spiffy application of technology. Can you say Web 2.0? :) . Actually, Lluisa , Russell and GeoBloggers folks (its author Dan Catt to be exact) have put their heads together and come up with a site to view GeoTagged pictures from the group photo pool. Amazing!

As more images are properly GeoTagged the page will become even more impressive. Join in the fun and contribute to the community! At last count we had 1495 images and 317 members on six continets in the group! Add your library photos to the Libraries and Librarians Flickr group and then add some GeoTags. The directions for doing this are included in the discussion HERE.

Keep Up!

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This is the banner ad for the full day, emerging library technology workshop that I’ll be teaching in the western US several times over the next few months. Woo Hoo!

With a library-centric focus, we will demonstrate and discuss a surprisingly wide variety of thought provoking and potentially sea changing current and future library technology issues. Substantial resources and instructions are provided along with the classroom demonstrations and discussion. All of this is focused on the goal of getting you back to your library ready to implement those things that you learned in class that will best serve your library and your community. With clear explanations and resources to use back in the library you will likely grow to understand much more that you expected to.

I’ve never been this excited about a class before, even the digital imaging or community outreach classes! If attendance is good (and we really hope that happens) we will be able to offer more classes in more places around the Western US. For now however, if you are in the greater Los Angeles, Ontario (California), San Diego, Portland or Seattle areas you can sign up now for classes in November and December. Details, dates and times can be found via this link to the workshop web page.

I’d love to hear what you all think. If you have any content you think I absolutely should not miss please do let me know. I have quite a collection or resources ready, but there is so much good material out there right now about exciting, practical lib tech that I’m sure I don’t have every good thing I could use. Thanks much for your help all my wonderful blog friends and tell all your library buddies to come to this class! Hope to see you there!

PS-See why I haven’t posted to the blog more lately? In addition to several other big projects, this class has been getting energy I would have previously put into updating the blog more often. The blog will march forward though! :)


Bookish Cartoon

Some days while you are hard at work in the library, do you ever wonder: “Is This Really My Life“?