Keep Up! Electronic Resources Web Page

Keep Up! Electronic Resources Web Page

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Just Can?t Get Enough?

The Keep Up! Workshop Resources Page on the OCLC Western web site just went ?live? this afternoon and is the happy home of the following:

Workshop Glossary
Keep Up! Web Links
Workshop Exercises
Workshop Presentation PowerPoint Handout

Links to the:
Keep Up! feed
Keep Up! Blog
Keep Up! Wiki

The documents will likely soon become .pdf files, but for now are in Word and PowerPoint. There are no notes in the PowerPoint and they are mostly placeholders for those who would like to have something to roughly follow along with in class. Please think of these workshop documents as version 1.0. They will evolve, change and improve in short order. Future versions may even move away entirely from PowerPoint.

Please feel free to visit the blog and comment. Workshop attendees will be given user names and passwords so they can post to the blog too. You can also add to the Wiki if you like. In fact, please do!

I wish I could show you all the trainer notes, videos and extra juicy class tidbits, but you?ll just have to sign up and attend in person to see and hear those! There is a ton of extra cool stuff in class that isn?t included here like the chance for discussion, feedback and guided exercises. Class attendees also get a valuable, extensive and very spiffy looking info packet on subjects covered in class. They even get a CD full of resources!

With the Keep Up! Workshop Resources Page though you do get some serious content. You even get a peek at the ?Six C?s? which is a huge driving force for this class and is something I hope others find to be a useful as a conceptual/learning tool. Enjoy!

Click on this picture to see the “Keep Up! Practical Emerging Technology for You and Your Library” workshop packet photo nicely labeled.

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