So much convergence in so many guises. All of this API business, Google Maps and Flickr stuff is making for Mash-ups that provide more than just a promise of something useful. We get real tools! Web 2.0!! Library 2.0!!!

As mentioned in previous posts, there is of course the Libraries and Librarians Geotagging project page with push pin markers linking Flickr photos with library shots from all around the globe. Cool! We just got our first picture from an African library mapped with this very nifty tool.

Here is another really fun one called the Blogging Librarians Frapper page. Check this out:
“This is a map of librarians with blogs, or “blogging librarians.” If you’re a librarian and you have a blog, please put your “pushpin” on the map, so we can see where all the blogging librarians are and build up our online community.”

Thanks to Scott Pfitzinger (go Hoosiers!)for starting this group! Thanks also my main man, Mr. Cohen and his Flickr stream where you can find a screen shot of this Frapper page.

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