World Digital Library?

Three important things today:

#1. A press release from The Library of Congress (US) and Google: ?LIBRARY OF CONGRESS LAUNCHES EFFORT TO CREATE WORLD DIGITAL LIBRARY? .
#2 Always trying to avoid reinvention of the wheel, rather than add my own commentary, please read this interesting and thoughtful article about the press release and this entire situation by Danny Sullivan and Gary Price from Search Engine Watch.
#3 Do you believe there will be a global digital library in our future? Believe it. And think about it. Often. Think about what it means for your library, your community and your job. What do we need to do individually and at large to grow our library?s relevance in the face of changes like this? Ponder not just what do we need to do to stay ?alive?, but rather what we need to do in order to thrive, grow and add even more value to the communities we serve.

We can do it, but only if we are attentive, nimble, thoughtful, active and unafraid.

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