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Lib Blogger Pop

I know every library blogger (and all their proudly blogging mothers) will be posting about this one for weeks, but still, I have to give the Laguhing Librarian’s author, Brian Smith, mad props for this one. If you haven’t seen it yet you must check out the The Blogga Song.

And special thanks to Brian for sticking me in there, especially next to an otter. Otters rule and so does this little ditty!


Who’s The Man?

Congrats MS

Here is an interesting little story that a non-librarian friend of mine just posted. Among other things, he observes:

“I?m telling you, this woman?s odor standing at the coutner was so horrific my eyes watered. They literally watered and my nose is still running. If it wasn?t for the amazing job by the librarian to help her and get her on her way, I would have marked this public place right up there with riding the bus”

“I like to find the books on my own, not via a computer that half the time doesn?t send me to the correct location.”

He talks about RFID too, happily without him needing to know a lick about RFID. These are exactly the sort of honest observations and comments we want people to write in on our service evalatuion surveys, right?


Libraryman Hearts…

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Flickr + Australia = Good On You

Ready for some Deep Community? Yesterday an email came through from someone I know through teaching the ?Keep Up!? library technology workshops. In the message (thanks, Sarah) was a link to this page detailing a partnership with, 41 other(mostly Australian) governmental and community institutions and Flickr. This is crazy cool!

Lots of folks know that Flickr is about sharing digital photos (and community and so much more). Many of us even have set up a Flickr photo streams for our own library (nice work!). However, a smaller number are likely familiar with PictureAustralia, which is ?an Internet based service that allows you to search many significant online pictorial collections at the same time?.

So PictureAustralia is a database of archival Australian images. Mostly older archival images. These are obviously amazingly valuable and useful, just not often especially contemporary. Picture Australia?s new Flickr partnership will easily allow millions (my estimate) of contemporary snapshots of Australian life to be added to their image database in an amazingly short amount of time.

How will it work? Well, PictureAustralia has two Flickr photo pools (aka groups). The images added to the pools will be what “harvests” weekly to augment their archival image database. Cool X3!!!

Interestingly, PictureAustralia will also ?collect the metadata? for the photos in their Flickr groups. Folksonomies get a rather impressive stamp of approval this way, no? I wonder if they will collect date stamp/camera info as well? Speaking from experience in a very simialr situation I can attest to both the value and trouble of adding consistant tags in a group like this. I wonder if they will make any attempt to do this, and if so to what extent? Oh, I’ve got ideas! :)

It is interesting that they decided to partner with Flick (with is by extension now also Yahoo!) rather than create their own tool, eh?

As we?ve seen with the very widely used Libraries and Librarians Group on Flickr, (469 members and 2268 images in the pool today), this idea will surely take wing, grow community and contribute significantly to the level of public participation, discourse and documentation. Except this time it has been kicked up a couple of notches, to a national (international really as New Zealand is also involved) level.

I?d really love to talk with some folks that worked on this deal, but more than that I want to ask the National Library of Australia and PictureAustralia: ?Why didn?t you just hire me to help head up this program??. ;) Even without my input, I still give all the folks involved with this project a very hearty ?Good on you!?. This will be a fun one to watch!