ACPL Construction
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Last Friday, my good friend and fellow Librarian, Steve Miller took me on a very cool tour. Not only was it cool, but it was lengthy. Not only was it a tour, but it was really a photo expedition. What did we visit? The construction site of the new Main branch of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, of course!

I know many of you know already, but the ACPL is an exceptional library system, consistently recognized as one of the best of its size in the country. This made it all the more exciting to get a chance to get a behind the scenes peek at what they have in store for their next chapter of public service.

Two bits of background info might help you put this new building in perspective. First, the ACPL had over 3 million items in the main library before this new project began. That?s a big collection, no? Second, many folks know the ACPL for their genealogy department as it is the second largest in the country and draws people from around the world daily as they research their family histories.

It?s always good to go back and see old friends and family, but this trip really was especially nice. Lots of new things have happened with many people I care about, including many of the good folks at the ACPL. From new babies to new houses to new loves to new libraries, it really was an unusually interesting trip.

If you?re interested, I have a set of 96 other ACPL construction site photos that you can take a look at
by following this link .

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