WLA Talk Table and RSS Quotes

Last Thursday I had the great pleasure of presenting a “Talk Table” with my new friend Annanaomi Sams (from the Hanford Technical Library) at the Washington State Library Association Conference in Tacoma, WA. Here’s a description of what we (and a group of 25-30 folks) talked about:
“RSS: Feeding Your Staff and Your Customers.
RSS feeds are quickly becoming commonplace in libraries. They are used, for example, to ?pull? content from external sources for library staff and their customers. Libraries can also generate their own RSS feeds to deliver information and services.”

Annanaomi has done some interesting and innovative things with RSS in her library (see the link above for a mini-preview) and the folks attending had lots of high quality questions, comments and ideas. Thanks so much to Annanaomi and all the attendees for making this such a joy to participate in.

Interestingly, someone from Marketing just asked me for some quotes about RSS. Here’s what I quickly came up with:

?When carefully explained and well demonstrated, it is almost impossible to resist using RSS.?

?RSS is so practical and simple to use that it will seriously change not only how you use the internet, but how your library shares information on the internet.?

?You might not know about RSS yet, but you will. Why? Simply put, RSS is one of the most important internet technologies and concepts ever developed.?

?The power of RSS to increase the amount and quality of information that you consume daily is remarkable. ?

?The rewards are so large, both on an individual and an institutional level that library professionals need to know how use this technology NOW.?

Anybody else want to chime in?

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