MySpace Briefly Verbosely?

“Would you be able to provide a brief but articulate description of exactly what my space is?” (for someone who knows the library, but does not use the internet much, if at all…maybe a board member?)

I sure can try! Quickly came up with this: is an ?electronic community? web site used for ?social networking?. It is very popular and has over 58 million individual registered users, the majority of which are college age and under (though this trend is changing). When you sign up with MySpace, you can post descriptive information about yourself including text, pictures and even video. In large part, MySpace is so popular because it is a sort of ?one stop communication shop?. On MySpace, users can send email messages to each other, join interest based discussion groups, write ?blogs? and post public messages that all MySpace users can see, or post private messages that only their friends can see. Institutions and organizations are also creating MySpace accounts so that they can reach this massive user base. Many libraries have recently began creating MySpace accounts as well, in order to show their (often times) younger users that they are a readily available resource to them not just as a physical institution, but as an engaged member of their ?electronic community?. These outreach efforts have generally been very successful and well received. As people seek more and more information via electronic means, it important for us to consider how best to meet our users in an effective manner. While creating an institutional account may not be something every library will decide to do, researching MySpace is well advised across the industry.

Suggestions? Compliments? Condemnations?

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