User generated, customized content works for Flickr. User generated customized content is Flickr. User generated, customized content makes Flickr stronger, adds value and increases market share. It makes loyal Flickr users and nurtures community. What if we took ?Flickr? out of those first four sentences and switched it to ?Libraries?. Libraries have a huge opportunity to expand use and deepen community connections here. Implementing select tools based on already existing library data and user generated content is the key. How could this work though?

Flickr opens its content. Flickr happily allows others to tweak, enhance and expand. Make no mistake, Flickr maintains authority and is the core information source in these shared transactions. Called a mash-up, called a partnership or simply called ?cool? (by the end users especially), this idea is important. Imagine customized library user profiles taking this idea from Flickr, ideas from Netflix and innovations from Libraries are in a remarkably unique position to spring on this market. Opportunities abound to secure our positions, grow our market and significantly increase level of loyalty amongst ?electronic library users?.’s Flickr toys offer a wide range of tools that let you mine, customize and repackage your data (photos and stats too) does an impressive job of introducing very easy to user tools to work with Flickr data. Look at some of their tools and imagine how library customs/patrons could do similar things with data from your library collection. Take it, tweak it and share it… all the while pointing people to the source of the info..THE LIBRARY.

Here is a happy little widget from ?fd? that is easy to imagine as a customized library tool, both for the library and all of it’s patrons:
libraryman. Get yours at

You can see the collection of fd’s Flickr Toys HERE.

Seems a bit like the LibraryThing widget of a slightly similar stripe, no? (pardon the scrolling you may have to do here due to a formatting snafu):

Inspired by “Tame The Web” Michael’s link to the new’s Flickr Toy.

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