Libraries + Flickr Update

Short version:

-Recent libraries + flickr presentations have been a blast to do and appear to have been useful and fun for most attendees. Woo hoo!

-More librarians are joining flickr every day and uncovering its professional and community benefits. This means connecting to resources and each other (often via our happy little Libraries and Librarians Group).

-Librarians on flickr rock ever so much!

More detailed version :

Hello to all you lovely Libraries and Librarian flickr Group members!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello to the new flickr members and/or Libraries and Librarians Group members that have joined since the recent presentations.

The presentations have been a total blast, thanks especially to the contributions from Lluisa (one of your friendly Libraries and Librarians Group admins:) and Fiona and Tony at the National Library of Australia/PictureAustralia Project. Thanks also to Michael Sauers who did a nice wrap up of fun flickr tools and groups at the Internet Librarian Conference flickr presentation.

flickr and Libraries Intro Slide

I just did a similar flickr and libraries presentation at the Montana Education Association Conference last week and will be in Honolulu next Friday doing another one. If you’re in HI, why not stop by the HI Library Association Conference and say hello! :)

MEA-MFT 06 flickr Presentation Intro Slide

For anybody else interested in seeing what these presentations were all about, I’ll be doing another flickr + libraries gig with Steve Lawson in March as part of the “Five Weeks to a Social Library” 2007 event. This online event is free, but limited to 40 attendees; however it will be archived and available later for viewing later online by anyone so inclined. We’re calling our class something like “flickr and Libraries: Far greater than the sum of their parts.”

That?s a wrap up for now! Thanks everybody and keep on librarying and flickering!

PS- Anybody else notice we’re on the cusp of 1000 Librarians and Librarians Group members now? Yay!

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