Identity Crisis?

This isn?t Libraryman,, library man or me, Michael Porter. I DID NOT write this. It does border on amusing though:

lman - This is so not me

This isn?t Libraryman,, library man or me, Michael Porter. I DID NOT write this. It does not border on amusing or appropriate for what I want people to think I try to posit on this site. avoids politics staunchly in most cases unless it affects libraries. Again, I DID NOT write this:

lman - NOT ME Writing This!

?I would like to encourage everybody who reads this to vote for the pro-life canidate in the upcoming election Nov,7. For the most part this means vote Republican.?

On one hand being all about libraries and open access, this doesn?t phase me. I also understand that it is likely best to simply ignore it when things like this pop up. I have done that in the past, but these examples seem somewhat more dramatic. In fact, I won?t link to either of them directly.


I will however take screenshots and say that it appears that there is a small spate of libraryman fakers out there. Perhaps ?faker? is a strong word. Maybe poser is harsh too. Is knock off closer? I would imagine it was unintentional in one or two cases. In another, I can?t imagine it wasn?t done on purpose. Anybody have any comments, thoughts, ideas about all of this?

Not really bugging me, this one.

It is worth noting that libraryman is a copyright that I have full permission to use.? Additionally, I have been using the libraryman moniker and web site for several years, very carefully adding content and slowly and surely building what I hope are relationships based on that trust and reliability. Very often people say ?Oh, you?re Libraryman!? when we meet for the first time. If folks were to see some of the above content and think it was something I had written, it would be really quite upsetting.

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