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These sorts of posts don?t usually go here, but a couple of most excellent folks suggested I do it ….so here goes:

Five Things You Probably Don?t Know About Me:

1. Since my recent move I can see large bodies of water from my office, living room and bedroom. I am very, very grateful for this!

2. When I tell library folks ?In my world, you?re a superstar!? it is not meant to be the least bit ironic and I totally mean it. Some of my best library friends really are also my real life heroes and if I didn?t know them I would still be their fans.

3. My favorite non-English languages are Italian and Japanese.

4. I am concerned about the collapse of western civilization, but try to live life like I don?t think it is going to happen.

5. I love to sing karaoke but it scares me silly to actually do it. Dream songs to karaoke include: ?Lovin?, Touchin?, Squeezing? by Journey, ?One On One? by Hall & Oates, and either ?Virginia Plain? or ?Do the Strand? by Roxy Music. I?ll try the first two but Roxy Music would just be embarrassing. My current favorite song to karaoke is ?Too Funky? by George Michael. Rock!

Four other people to fill this out? Hmmm let?s see here…how about two Jennifers, one Cory and a Chad (and five more from Maire while you?re at it:).


3 Cheers For 3 Ho’s

In keeping with the season and the desire to keep up with shiny new/fun toys:
Click the pic below to see the new flickr easter eggs in action.

Click This To See Your Libraryman Holiday Card

What will they do next with flickr easter eggs?? Fun is in store with this one! I want a bunch of library related badges and thought balloons! “I just visited the library”, “I *heart* my library”, “Love a librarian”, etc, etc…

Started a flickr easter eggs group just in case more pop up *fingers crossed*

A happy announcement in the form of a one act play/conversation:

As David Lee King and Michael Porter approach one another, the air crackles with dorky electricity.

David Lee King and Michael Porter at Internet Librarian 2006

Michael: “Hey, have we met?”

David: “Ummm, yeah. Don’t you remember those Internet Librarian Conferences, or when we presented at the Seattle Public Library Staff Day last month? We went out to dinner. Twice.”

Michael: “Ohhhh! Riiiight! That WAS you, wasn’t it? Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. So what do you know, old friend?”

David: “I know you’d better start remembering things, Jack! Oh, also, we have some exciting news to share with LibraryLand.”

Michael: “Is this another one of those self promotion posts that you find on all the time?”

David: “Well, yeah, but this one is better. This one has me in it, too.”

Michael: “That would be better. You are a very handsome man.”

David: “And bright too. As bright as the day is long.”

Michael: “Hmmmm….. Of our many outstanding qualities, humility is our most admirable.”

David: “I’ll say!”

Michael: “So can we get around to the announcement yet?”

David: “I suppose so, though I can fill a blog post with witty schnozz all day long.”

Michael: “”One’s man’s witty is another man’s yawn.” I don’t know what that actually means, but people say that to me all the time.”

David yawns and stretches his neck.
David Lee King Looks Doubtful

Michael: *ahem* “So, the announcement?”

David: “Yes, yes! Well today Michael and I got a letter from Kathleen Hughes, who is the editor of Public Libraries magazine. She said:

“I’m happy to let you know that the Public Libraries Advisory Committee would love to welcome you (David and Michael) aboard as the new Internet Spotlight columnists. Your first column, for the March/April issue would be due on Jan 26. The column can be up to 2000 words.”

Michael: “Wow! That’s cool! We’re going to be the new authors of the Internet Spotlight column in Public Libraries magazine?! Didn’t Steven Cohen write that for years?”

David: “He sure did. And he did an awesome job, too.”

Michael: “So it takes two of us to fill his shoes?”

David: “They told us we had to bring our own shoes, ’cause we couldn’t fill Steven’s.”

Michael: “Well I love shoes, but that is a lot of pressure, man!”

David: “I know! We have the gig, but now we actually have to write good stuff.”

Michael: “Oh that should be easy for us. You are a very hard worker.”

David: “And handsome, don’t forget how handsome I am.”

What you talkin' about David Lee King?Michael: “What you talkin’ about David Lee King?”

David: “Why don’t you tell folks exactly WHAT we’ll write about?”

Michael: “Oh, what WON’T we write about? Now is the most exciting time ever for library professionals, in large part because of “internety” things. So that’s what we’ll write about: practical, cool, thought provoking “internety” things.

David: “Dude, “Internety” isn’t even a word! You don’t really want to start off talking about nonexistent words, do you? What kind of precedent does THAT set?

Michael: “I told you that you were a hard worker! You’re already doing a great job of editing and we haven’t even written a word yet!”

David: “You’re right, aren’t you? I really am awesome.”

Michael: “Hear, hear! So anyway, about the Public Libraries Magazine gig, I basically expect this column to mostly write itself.”

David: “I heard the internet can do that now.”

Michael: “Well then that’s what our first column should be about!”

David: “That’s not funny. This is serious business!”

Michael: “It really is though, isn’t it? We’ll be able to share practical technologies and highlight internet tools librarians can really use in their everyday work!”

David: “Well I don’t know about everybody else, but you’ve got ME ready to use the internet!”

Michael: “Me too!”

David: “What?”

Michael: “Exactly.”

David: “I am so going to edit what you write.”

Michael: “Whew! Thanks goodness. I’m looking forward to it.”

David: “Me too.”

Michael: “So when will the first column show up?”

David: “In the March/April issue!”

Michael: “Will our pieces be in the May/June, July/Aug, Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec issues too?”

David: “Yeah buddy!

Michael: “Sweet!”

David: “Totally sweet!”

Michael: “David, you have to promise me our articles will sound more professional than this conversation.”

David: “Well of course! Thankfully nobody can hear this conversation so I think we’re okay.”

Michael: *clicks off tape recorder in pocket*

Thanks to librarianne/Marie K for the use of her DK and MP image used at the beginning of the article.

Thanks also to thelibrarianinblack for the use of her photo of Michael at CLA.

Thanks also to the man himself, David Lee King.

And also to Steven Cohen for setting such a quality precendent with his Public Libraries Magazine Internet Spotlight articles.

Finally, thanks to Kathleen Hughes at ALA for her excellent editorial and author selection skills. ;) We’ll work hard to do you proud.

Kankakee and MP PC (podcast)

We sure had fun talking, but will it be fun to listen to? Thanks to Allison and Steve at the Kankakee Public Library for working up this (not so) little ?BiblioTech? podcast. This is a very relaxed and hopefully somewhat inspiring library technology conversation. Even if the podcast thing isn?t your style, be sure to check out the KPL web site. It rocks the bells and they are the bees knees, baby. It truly was an honor to talk with them about LibraryMan, ?2.0″, ?getting things done?, and library tech stuff in general.

The KPL Podcast Page Is Here?