These sorts of posts don?t usually go here, but a couple of most excellent folks suggested I do it ….so here goes:

Five Things You Probably Don?t Know About Me:

1. Since my recent move I can see large bodies of water from my office, living room and bedroom. I am very, very grateful for this!

2. When I tell library folks ?In my world, you?re a superstar!? it is not meant to be the least bit ironic and I totally mean it. Some of my best library friends really are also my real life heroes and if I didn?t know them I would still be their fans.

3. My favorite non-English languages are Italian and Japanese.

4. I am concerned about the collapse of western civilization, but try to live life like I don?t think it is going to happen.

5. I love to sing karaoke but it scares me silly to actually do it. Dream songs to karaoke include: ?Lovin?, Touchin?, Squeezing? by Journey, ?One On One? by Hall & Oates, and either ?Virginia Plain? or ?Do the Strand? by Roxy Music. I?ll try the first two but Roxy Music would just be embarrassing. My current favorite song to karaoke is ?Too Funky? by George Michael. Rock!

Four other people to fill this out? Hmmm let?s see here…how about two Jennifers, one Cory and a Chad (and five more from Maire while you?re at it:).

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