Well now we’ve gone and done it. No more hiding the silly presentation jokes from the general public any longer. You see, Steve Lawson and I just finished our flickr presentation that was our contribution to the Five Weeks To A Social Library series that is in full swing right now. Even though we just gave our presentation this afternoon, you can already listen to it and view the entire archived presentation here. Wow! That was fast! Thanks Tom Peters! (Be warned that the video/slides will not work if you use Firefox, just IE.)

Thanks very much to all the organizers and also to everyone that attended. Steve and I worked pretty hard to present valuable content in a manner that would be both practical and entertaining. Feel free to take a look and see for yourself.
flickr for Social Libraries: Presentation

Thanks again to all the folks that attended and also to all the Five Weeks To A Social Library organizers Thanks also Meredith Farkas, Tom Miller, Karen Coombs and Steve Lawson, (my most excellent co-presentor). It was fun!

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