From a quick email conversation today about conference presentations comes a blog entry about a word that I have been holding close and have also been sharing more and more: Fulfillment. Fulfillment is not a new concept to library folks by any means, but it is different now than before. We are seriously gearing up towards a Libraryland with previously unimaginably rich fulfillment deeply at its core. A new, more dynamic, more rewarding and engaging type of fulfillment. A fulfillment that every brand wishes they could deliver. Except we are poised to actually do it! How? Oh my, that could be a book. Or a job in LibaryLand! ;)

It seems to me this is really the core of what we are all working towards, reading about, talking about, thinking about, blogging about, etc, etc…and it?s become pretty crystal (a fluid crystal of course) in my mind that this is our future. Our challenging, opportunity filled and delivery rich future. Here is what I sent my friend about presentation themes:

“My new key word for presentations is Fulfillment. I love that word. It is the big word for me. Each presentation I give (and many of the casual conversations I have as well… I know, it’s sad;) include me saying: “Libraries do two things: content and community”. Fulfillment is the answer for libraries in relation to the content section of that equation. Community is a whole other happy ball of wax, though fulfillment is certainly a big part of that as well.

What is Fulfillment? This is part of it.
Gimme, Gimme is also a healthy part of Fulfillment:
Gimme Gimme Gimme Set & Summary

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