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Presentation Schtick from WLA07

First Six Slides - Supposed to be funny...

There was/is a great little script on the WLA07 web page highlighting some of the conference keynote speakers at this event. As you can see from this image of the first few slides from my WLA07 presentation, I tried to make a joke about being jealous about not being one of the folks highlighted in the script. It included a made up this story about complaining about not being included in the script and then submitting the above, somewhat crazy looking picture of myself which was rejected rather rudely. It seemed like a funny idea, but truth be told, I was pretty nervous about the whole joke/skit/scenario being built into the actual presentation. What if it tanked and nobody laughed? Putting it in slide form made a real commitment to the whole thing!

Happily, it seemed to go over pretty well and people laughed pretty heartily. It was a huge relief, but you know, librarians are such nice folks I can’t help but wonder if they weren’t being a bit generous with their moral support. However, l definitely feel encouraged to try things like this a bit more in the future though and see how it goes. It was really fun to try something different and mix it up a bit. So, I guess the largest point of this post is that if you have been thinking of trying something new like this in a presentation or a meeting, I’d encourage you to feel emboldened and give it shot. If I’m there, I’ll give you moral support at least. ;)


Three Library Books To Buy

Postcards promoting these three hot books finally arrived today. The books are not dorky, despite how I look in this picture. :)

Buying all three.  You?

Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Library Service
- Casey and Savastinuk
The Thriving Library: Successful Strategies for Challenging Times

- Block
Social Software in Libraries: Building Collaboration, Communication and Community Online
– Farkas
All available at:

Here are some goodies for my Libraryland Brothers and Sisters out there joining in the 365 Library Days Project fun!

Use ‘em on your web page, your blog, your flickr stream…wherever you like. Go nuts!

Feel free to add you own banners here if you are inspired to make any!

Here are mine:
365 Library Days Project: Feel Free To Use This Banner!

365 Library Days Project: Feel Free To Use This Banner!

365 Library Days Project

I’ll be posting an update on the project this weekend with some numbers and side stories, but suffice it to say the participation level is pretty high! Libraryland never ceases to amaze! 365libs go, go, go! Library workers go, go, go!!!


See You Around, Kurt Vonnegut.



365 Library Days Project: The Beginning

365 Library Days Project
Will you join in? What do you think of the idea? The group is up and ready to go, so why not learn more? Here’s the idea:

Let’s get as many libraries as we can to sign up for and actively participate in a customized, library friendly version of the 365 project.
That would mean that if you decide to participate, you would commit to downloading at least 365 pictures from in, around or about the library you work in, for and/or with. Uploading a picture every day for 365 days in this case wouldn’t be practical for most folks, but committing to 365 images in a year could be done fairly easily. It could also have HUGE value for your library.

Just imagine what a valuable historic document you could create for your library with this project! And while you’re at it, at the end of your year commitment, you could contact your local newspaper and tell them about the project, where they could do a story and print selected pictures that you took over the year. Such a substantive advocacy project! It would demonstrate in very real ways, ways that get lost to many people in your community, that you and your library are doing important work every day of the year!

If you decide to take part, please add the photos you upload for the project into this group.

If you take part, please also tag the pictures you take for this project with the tag: 365libs

Finally, if you have any questions, I am willing to help. Drop me (Michael Porter, libraryman on flickr) a line via flickr mail or email me and I’ll help you get things running if you have any trouble.

Take pictures in/about/for your library! Share them! Join this community! Use this project and it’s collection as a powerful advocacy tool!

See you around the 365 Library Days Project Page!

PS-I almost never ask for this sort of thing, but this is a real community based project. So… if you think this 365 Library Days Project is a good idea, please give it a plug on your blog or in your conversations with your fellow library folks out there so we can get more libraries involved. The potential here from an advocacy perspective really is substantial!

The Santiago Library System has created a pretty spiffy flier for an upcoming event that I am very honored to be taking part in next month. I’ve had a chance to speak with a couple of the other presenters and I believe they will be quite interesting and certainly worth the time it takes to attend. I already know the audience ’round Santiago LS and MCLS land is pretty amazing, so it should be a great day all around (though I can admit that this is a bit of an intimidating crowd and not scare any potential attendees away, right?). At any rate, the event even includes lunch and a library tour, so how can you go wrong?

If you see me there be sure to say hello. I’ll do the same!

Generation Tech - Upcoming So Cal Presentation

Thanks M! ;)