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I’ll be there (along with my colleagues Chrystie Hill and Rachel Van Noord). You can come too, as they still apparently have a few open slots. Some big/interesting names will be there AND it is at the Computer History Museum (!!!) so if online community is your bag, you love them ‘puters and can swing the $$$, you might seriously consider it!

The Online Community Unconference is a gathering of online community practitioners – managers, developers, business people, tool providers, investors – to discuss experience and strategies in the development and growth of online communities.

Those involved in online community development (and social software in general) share many common challenges: community management, tools, marketing, business models, legal issues. As we have found with our past events, the best source of information on all of these challenges is other knowledgeable practitioners.

The Online Community Unconference is inspired by the emerging “open space” conference format. (For an excellent description, see this article on a past MashUp Camp.) There will also be plenty of time for networking.

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View is a unique venue with plenty of parking and WiFi. Lunch and snacks will be provided, and the Museum exhibits will be open to the group during the breaks.

Price: $195 ($175 before May 12). Space is limited. Fee is fully refundable prior to May 24, not refundable after (but admission is transferable).”


facebook Maneuvers and TweetVolume

In fairly huge social networking news, if you aren’t using (or at least monitoring the maneuvers of) facebook much lately, you might consider firing up your account again. They have been adding outside app functionality (with a few hickups, natch) in ways I’d hoped might show up on a social library web site first. *grumble* The facebook Developers Platform will help you make your own if you are smarter than me in this regard. I lament that this didn’t show up in Libraryland first, but you know, I also wish I could have written Sgt. Peppers and wishin’ don’t mean I’ve got the chops, brother! Still, it’s made the weekend more interesting watching people/friends/colleagues dive in over the weekend. Superpatron (Edward V.) said it best via twitter when he sent out the message “You got your facebook in my twitter!”. I love you, you glorious geek! :)

In other, more lighthearted social networking news, Tweet Volume is a tool that tells you how often words are being used on twitter. Hmmm…anybody else see the word occurrence below as telling?
I'm just sayin': Memorial Day oclc ala sex library 2.0 TweetVolumes
Thanks to thefreerangelibrarian for the Tweet Volume heads up. KGS, you are the bomb.


What Is You Internet Spotlight?

Do you have one or two Internet tools/sites that you *really* love?

I’m writing an article about Library folks that have found an Internet tool (or two) that has really captured your imagination and attention. I need to gather 5-10 stories. If you share you idea for the article I’ll cite you and give you and your library a happy little plug in a major Libraryland publication (unless you would rather be anonymous of course).

My paragraph long “Internet Spotlight Tool” write up looks like this:
“My “Internet Spotlight” would have to be flickr (obvious to lots of you, I know:). Flickr helps me communicate visually, which I enjoy greatly, allowing me to record and share highlights and beauty from everyday life. This same visual communication tool also helps me share Libraryland info. For instance, I use pictures I’ve uploaded to flickr to populate my blog with photos. Perhaps most importantly though, flickr lets me connect with other people in Libraryland. One huge way flickr does this is though groups. Flickr lets me participate in and even create interest themed groups. In these groups I can connect with like minded people to communicate, share, inspire and work toward mutual goals. The Libraries and Librarians Group and the 365 Library Days Project Group (an ongoing library advocacy project that you too can join in on) are the best examples of this for me.”

That took me about 10 minutes to write and will now be put in print. Why not take 10 minutes yourself and send me your story too? Purty please? Feel free to leave your story in the comments and/or email the story too at michael.libraryman *At Sign* gmail *Dot* com.

Thanks everybody! :)

Suddenly, Michael realized he has now been writing the Libraryman blog for four years.

Most of the folks that read this are my colleagues and I am truly honored that you take the time. Over the years, things have evolved, but my intent in writing this blog has always been to share, inspire, proved occasional food for thought, update my friends and family on my professional comings and goings and, on occasion, to talk about PEZ. ;) But you, my dear colleagues are the biggest reason I keep at it. You are inspiring to me every day with the smart, hard work you do to make real lives and real communities better though your work in Libraryland! I love you, (wo)man! :)

Along those lines, while it isn’t time to tell the story here yet, a remarkably lovely gift arrived for me just two days ago which coincidentally serves to mark the Libraryman Blog four year anniversary very happily. What makes it so perfect is that the logo came from an unusually inspiring electronic community connection that the work here often touts! Check it out:

Libraryman Logo from Sammo371

See! It really is true that substantial, good, entertaining, fun, practical stuff comes from our efforts, often in the happiest and most unexpected ways. So thanks so much for the logo Sam, and again, thank you for reading the Libraryman Blog for all these years everyone!


Cram It In Your iPod

Or other electronic listening device of your preference:
Open Source – Passion: Libraries. It will mostly make you feel quite happy.

Go, go Amanda!!!


I’m In UR Brithdaz

To Meredith and Sam and also to Michael:

Phor MS and His Birthdaz


Look, Ma! I Made A Meebo Room!

Just in the chatty fun!


It’s An Honor And A Responsibility

Woo hoo and Holy Cow! I had hoped to hit 400 Bloglines subscribers at some point during 2007 and it just happened this morning. I know there are plenty of folks that sub and don’t always read, but still, having such a group of people subscribed to this RSS feed makes me feel very responsible for providing content worth the subs. If you are one of these folks, thank you very much!

An Honor and A Responsibility.  Thank you guys!

PS-Feedburner has about 100 subs for last time I checked. I wonder about other library bloggers out there. Do you ever pay attention to this info? Do you ever post it?


Libraryman on Ikea Hacker

Have you heard about the Ikea Hacker web site? It is themed around real projects people have completed that creatively use IKEA products. There are some pretty interesting projects posted on occasion and it can be a really fun and inspiring diversion if that sort of thing is your bag. While this isn’t *exactly* library related, if you count the fact that I finished my recent decorating project at the new place specifically for a party I hosted for WebJunction folks, well then it counts. Regardless, I am pleased as punch that the folks ’round Ikea Hacker way decided to post one of my very own Ikea hacks. There are actually several hacks in the single image posted, which makes it sort of like a “Where’s Waldo” for the Ikea dork set. If you are so inclined, here is a link to the post. Enjoy!

PS-Added value to this story: The connection to the image and the Ikea Hacker site was made through a group on flickr. Social software in action again, y’all!

The proposed Czech National Library in Prague.

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