Suddenly, Michael realized he has now been writing the Libraryman blog for four years.

Most of the folks that read this are my colleagues and I am truly honored that you take the time. Over the years, things have evolved, but my intent in writing this blog has always been to share, inspire, proved occasional food for thought, update my friends and family on my professional comings and goings and, on occasion, to talk about PEZ. ;) But you, my dear colleagues are the biggest reason I keep at it. You are inspiring to me every day with the smart, hard work you do to make real lives and real communities better though your work in Libraryland! I love you, (wo)man! :)

Along those lines, while it isn’t time to tell the story here yet, a remarkably lovely gift arrived for me just two days ago which coincidentally serves to mark the Libraryman Blog four year anniversary very happily. What makes it so perfect is that the logo came from an unusually inspiring electronic community connection that the work here often touts! Check it out:

Libraryman Logo from Sammo371

See! It really is true that substantial, good, entertaining, fun, practical stuff comes from our efforts, often in the happiest and most unexpected ways. So thanks so much for the logo Sam, and again, thank you for reading the Libraryman Blog for all these years everyone!

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